Insight NUTMEG

Welcome to the colourful world of NUTMEG!

Home is the magical island Fuerteventura. Surrounded by nature, simple living and endless water it is the perfect place to be creative and let grow new ideas.

NUTMEG has been founded in 2016 with the general idea of combining quality and waterproof fabrics with simple cuts and a unique neon design that reflects the colours of the island. NUTMEG items shall help you to organize your things and protect what you like most. Featured with colours that make happy even on a grey day. To guarantee high quality, all products are made by hand with care and an eye on details.

I so love my work and I want to use this possiblity to thank all the people I met over the years, thanks for interesting talks and supporting NUTMEG. A warm hearted welcome to you and all new people visiting Keep on colouring your life!

Please feel free to use the contact sheet if you have questions, ideas or individual requests.